it's all happening.

(love this artist.  the the shading, the way he captures the cheeks, those precocious eyes. stunning. instantly inspiring. something creative needs to be done. what? i have no clue. but looking at this piece will definitely provide some possibilities.) 

2. lovisa+burfitt
4. mike monteiro
7. danny roberts/igor+andre 


record store day.

i love this day. but the weather is so shitty. and the closest Independent store is downtown. but i don't want to miss the freebees. but i have a shit ton of homework. o but i want to go. AH! ok snow and homework disappear then i can go. yeah right. i'm totally going regardless. this day only happens once a year. and to all of you close to an Amoeba store GO and enjoy for me. 


o the snow the snow the snow.

all it does is snow! 
no bueno.
no me gusta.

over the snow. 
snow snow go away. 



Hello everyone.

I'm working on a class project and NEED YOUR HELP.

Please click on the link below and fill out my survey about attitudes toward traditional gender norms. 

(Have no fear! All responses are anonymous and confidential - answer as freely as you wish)


just a few things keeping my eyes open.

1. stefan bruggemann
6. francesca-tallone
10. smosch

glad i'm not president.

Obama's press conference was well...a little harsh, a little much, a little unfortunate. 
but that's what happens when you take office from a rather incapable mr w. 
and really obama's been in office for a little more than 60 days and has been incredibly visible.  
he's everywhere.  press conferences, publicized meetings with congress, town hall events, leno, filling out college basketball brackets. i mean come on. he's letting us know the details of his plans (budget, recovery, etc) and managing to include march madness publicity at the same time. impressive impressive impressive.

so you can follow the link below and listen to his press conference on 3/24 or read the transcript (as if you will...)

but here was the brilliant quote from the not-so brilliant press conference.
obama was answering a question from a correspondent from ebony magazine 
he was asked about the homeless issue  (more like epidemic) in the US and obama provided a rather brilliant reply

"Now in the meantime, we've got to work very closely with the states to monitor and to help people who are still falling through the cracks. And you know, the homeless problem was bad even when the economy was good.  Part of the change in attitudes that I want to see here in Washington and all across the country is a belief that it is not acceptable for children and families to be without a roof over their heads in a country as wealthy as ours." 


Isabel + Obama = Happy Jazz

The artistic talent of the Izz Bizz has found a place in Obamanation 
(please note the "I voted" sticker with an arrow pointing to Obama--quite impressive for a 6 yr old)